2 Dutch Dwellings

Dutch Dwellings - The Architecture of Housing by Dick van Gameren

28.11.2022 - Publications

Prof.ir. Dick van Gameren, Partner at Mecanoo/Design and Research Director has been engaged in housing design for the past twenty-five years through his practice and in his research and teaching at Delft University of Technology. In Dutch Dwellings, he presents around forty of his own projects, grouped into thematic chapters to illustrate the main underlying principles of residential design: Streets and Squares, Courtyards and Patios, Gardens, Halls, the Fireplace, Walls, and Roofs. Together, they constitute a multifaceted catalogue of housing typologies.

In his supplementary essays, Van Gameren explores evolutions in residential architecture in the Netherlands. He positions his own concepts in the context of these developments and expands on what he considers the key elements of good housing design. Dutch Dwellings is an inspiring read for anyone involved in residential design today.

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