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Francesco Veenstra lectures at smart lighting 2013

13.05.2013 - Events

Tuesday 14 May 2013 Francesco Veenstra will provide a lecture at Smart Lighting 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. In his lecture ‘Space through Light’ Francesco Veenstra will give a detailed look at the impact of artificial light and daylight in experiencing a space or building. Key projects from Mecanoo’s wide ranging international portfolio will form the basis for a broad experience of light.

By combining contrasting colors, materials, acoustics and light, a strong experience is created. Mecanoo’s work emphasizes on these contrasts and uses them as a design tool in generating ‘unforgettable collective spaces’. One example where daylight and artificial light play a decisive role in achieving an unforgettable experience is Kaap Skil, the maritime and beachcombers’ museum on the Dutch isle of Texel.

The museum is wrapped with a refined glass façade placed behind wooden slats, casting the bright interior in an ever changing linear pattern of daylight and shadow, while offering views of the famous North Holland skies.

Artificial lighting in the exhibition areas balances the overall museum experience: light, darkness, transparency and mystery alternate. Its innovative lighting design has awarded the museum the 2012 Dutch Daylight Award.

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