2023 03 27

SAMPLE - Circular district shapes winning plan for Buiksloterham in Amsterdam

27.03.2023 - Project updates

Real Estate Developer KondorWessels Vastgoed, an independent developer within the decentralised VolkorWessels organisation, has won the tender for the development of plot 19 in Buiksloterham, a post-industrial district in Amsterdam-North. SAMPLE, a plan designed by Space&Matter, Mecanoo and ZUS, consists out of three circular building blocks, totalling approximately 48.000 m² GFA and includes private sector owner-occupied apartments, middle segment rental and social housing, and commercial space. Recently, the option agreement for this plan was signed by the municipality of Amsterdam. The municipality praises the topic of circularity within the development plan that alludes the concept of ‘sampling’, a term used in the hip-hop genre combining existing elements into new music. 

In hip-hop, Sampling is about sharing, reusing, and recreating. By using the three foundations of this music movement, the project team was able to form a concept for plot 19. In this project, the principle of sampling is applied to the architecture of the building as well as to the associated programme and use. SAMPLE will become an energy neutral building and a blueprint for the circular society.

SAMPLE is a collaboration between KondorWessels Vastgoed, Verdedig Noord, Space&Matter, Mecanoo, ZUS, Metabolic, Finch Buildings, TRAJECT Adviseurs & Managers, Arup en Sweco. Located between between the Papaverweg and the Johan van Hasselt Canal, SAMPLE will offer different housing typologies with outdoor spaces partly overlooking the water, thereby creating approximately 357 new homes. The residents’ and users’ perception and experience of the world is brought together in various roof and courtyard gardens and in the seventeen communal areas. 

Solidarity, reciprocity, shared responsibility, and hospitality are central to this development. However, developing a circular society requires more than just a leaflet, it must grow from within the community itself. Hence, KondorWessels Vastgoed and Space&Matter are collaborating with many proven successful local organisations such as Common City Development and Verdedig Noord, the latter being a residents organisation from Amsterdam-North that tries to counter the gentrification of the city. Some of these organisations will soon be given a prominent place in the complex. By means of their programme, Verdedig Noord will ensure the participation of other local initiatives in the future. The activities and forms of partnership arising from this concept will become an added value for the residents and entrepreneurs from surrounding neighbourhoods. 

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