2023 04 05 ADD

Mecanoo designs future-proof mixed-used Amstel Design District in Amsterdam

04.04.2023 - Project updates

Amstel Design District is a future-oriented mixed-use development that aspires to become significant for the whole city of Amsterdam. This scheme for a living and working community includes social housing, mid-rent residential, private sector homes, collective facilities, creative office space, retail and a design museum. The project is located between the highway and metro line and responds to site constraints concerning noise pollution and logistics. The composition of stacked volumes with setbacks responds to the surroundings by shaping the public space between the buildings as pocket parks and plazas.

The building setbacks extend the public realm spatially to create intimate and iconic public roof destinations. The scheme is designed in line with nature inclusivity, sustainability, and circularity targets. The development integrates adaptability to ensure long-term resiliency, Amstel Design District facilitates new demands from work environments with a dynamic variety of business and collaboration spaces.

Working environment

Part of the city, the creative hub is surrounded by the lively urban hustle and bustle, with restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The dynamics and entrepreneurship nearby contribute to an inspiring and creative atmosphere in the working environment. Inside and outside, work and private life flow into one another and continuously provide liveliness.

A residential experience

An increasing part of young urban dwellers’ lives occurs outside the home. The city becomes the living room, and the residence is the departure point and the place to relax. In creating this, Mecanoo looks at the development as a whole to integrate and enhance the in-between spaces for informal meetings and chance encounters. We aim to create a healthy flow between work and life, individual and collective spaces for the residents. This results in a new district that embraces work-life effectiveness for the community with shared spaces for physical fitness, family time or hobbies.

Green connections

Extensively planted areas and pocket parks run like a green artery through the district. They form atmospheric and comfortable places where people can relax or get inspired throughout the week. It is a place where residents can go for a stroll, children can play in peace and young entrepreneurs and office staff have lunch on the terraces of the food hall or restaurant. The working environments feature “Green retreats”, like patios and planted roofs that create a direct connection to nature. Green roofs provide water retention and water buffering while enhancing biodiversity.

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