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A Perspective for Rotterdam South at Rotterdam Architecture Month

07.06.2023 -

The floating festival heart of the Rotterdam Architecture Month is located in Maashaven and can be visited throughout the month of June. Walk the route over the water through three enormous containers. Along the way, you will learn all about the role of water in the future of the city. The three containers, each containing a space for urban sports, a green park, exhibition and an event space.

Mecanoo’s ‘A Perspective for Rotterdam South: a 10 km long dike park’ is present at Rotterdam Architecture Month with an exhibition module followed by a workshop on the 13th of June, at 18:30h.  This panel discussion and workshop, with an introduction by Francine Houben, will discuss the questions; How can we find ways to reconnect the city and the port and create healthy and attractive spaces that benefit all residents and workers? How would you transform the dikes?

Imagine…a 10 km long dike park as a nature-inclusive, active, and multifunctional corridor that serves as a connection between a healthy port and healthy neighbourhoods. This green dike would no longer be an obstacle, but a unique and vibrant link between the city and the port. It would promote walking, cycling, gathering, and recreation while also improving biodiversity and reducing heat stress.

With the construction of the Rijnhaven, Maashaven, and Waalhaven, the ports were for a long time the economic and lively heart of Rotterdam. Work and leisure were intertwined. The Watersnoodramp of 1953 called for significant changes, resulting in the construction of dikes, which are put in place as functional infrastructure. The 10 km long dike in Rotterdam Zuid now forms a barrier between neighbourhoods and the ports. The majestic Brielselaan, for example, lost its grandeur.

Workshop ‘A Perspective for Rotterdam South: a 10 km long dike park’ (free registration), here.
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