2023 10 31

Villa BW receives the Future House International Residential Award hosted by Global Design News and The Chicago Athenaeum

30.10.2023 - Project updates

Future House International Residential Awards arise from the convergence of residential design and architectural vision to champion and honouring novel and inventive residential projects on a worldwide level. An international jury composed of several distinguished designers worked remotely and selected 70 submissions from a shortlist as the “Best of the Best” in new residential design.

Mecanoo’s Villa BW, with a building volume characterised by a double-curved roof coupled with an unmistakable expression of the façade, was distinguished with the Future House Award, Best Private House. The twisting roof is created as a result of two overlapping shapes. A gable roof is designed on the dune side, also characteristic of the street scene. In contrast, a horizontal roofline is designed for the polder side.

The strong connection between the landscape and the house translates into the expression of the facade and roof cladding with the application of a single natural material, expressed through a custom ceramic tile covering that wraps the entire building. This customised multicoloured glazed tile cladding represents the transitions in the landscape, from dune landscape to polder, and the soil layers, from light to dark.

This annual program, organized by Global Design News and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, also promotes international architecture and design to the worldwide public audience and is supported by the new online magazine Global Design News.

“From a shed to a penthouse”—the vision is to present architectural projects that are both inclusive and pioneering, ultimately defining the current state, and influencing the future of residential design on a global scale.

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