2023 11 13

Building Beauty Awards celebrates Mecanoo's aesthetic mastery in One Silk Street

13.11.2023 - Project updates

In a momentous achievement, Mecanoo has been honoured with The Royal Fine Art Commission Trust Building Beauty Awards' prestigious Building Commendation for their outstanding work on One Silk Street in Manchester, United Kingdom.

This 300,000 sq ft residential and office building stands as a testament to Mecanoo's commitment to harmonizing modern design with historical context. Faced in handmade red brick, the structure seamlessly complements the surviving industrial architecture of Ancoats, boasting the highest concentration of listed mill buildings in Manchester.

Mecanoo's approach to One Silk Street reflects a meticulous understanding of the neighbourhood's legacy, drawing inspiration from the warehouse aesthetic prevalent in Ancoats with its Victorian mills. The building is not merely an imitation but a well-realized design, confidently maintaining the historic grid pattern, building line, and a commanding street presence.

One Silk Street is more than a building; it's a pioneer in the regeneration of its neighbourhood, setting an impressive tone for adjacent development sites. The project navigates the fine line between tradition and innovation, showcasing urbanity and attention to detail that serves as a model for others to emulate.

The unique aspect of this recognition lies in The Building Beauty Awards' emphasis on aesthetics. It distinguishes itself from other architectural honours by prioritizing visual excellence over partisan considerations. Mecanoo's success in this arena further underscores its commitment to creating spaces that are not only functional but visually exceptional.

The commendation for One Silk Street is not just an accolade for Mecanoo; it is a celebration of architectural achievement that prioritizes the beauty and integrity of design.

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