2024 01 18 Mecanoo unveils ambitious Stadionpark Galgenwaard Masterplan for Utrecht

Mecanoo unveils ambitious Stadionpark Galgenwaard Masterplan for Utrecht

18.01.2024 - Project updates

Home to FC Utrecht and Sportcentrum Galgenwaard, this unique location near the city centre, Nieuwe Hollands Waterlinie, and the Utrecht Science Park is set for a transformative design. Currently disconnected from its surroundings, Mecanoo has been entrusted by initiators, including the municipality and building owners, to envision the Stadionpark Galgenwaard masterplan, breathing new life into this significant location.

The masterplan envisions a transformation from a paved, introverted area dominated by parking lots to a vibrant, green hub catering to a mix of functions, from (top-tier) sports to residential spaces. Through intelligent clustering and compact new construction, the plan facilitates sustainable growth for Utrecht while creating more public spaces in Galgenwaard. The plan involves swapping ground-level parking for a park, fostering improved connections with the surrounding area, and prioritizing spaces for pedestrians, cyclists, and recreational activities intertwined with sports in a green environment.

Stadionpark Galgenwaard embraces the delicate balance between city and landscape. On the Kromme Rijn side, nature and recreation take centre stage, while the city side unveils a new urban space between the stadium and the barracks from the Kromhoutkazerne. This strategic alignment is reflected in the public space activities and building programming, with higher structures facing the city and lower ones overlooking the landscape.

A multifunctional square serves as the bustling heart of Galgenwaard, welcoming meetings, events, stays, and robust greenery. The meticulously designed entrances and active plinth facilitate a mix of functions in the stadium complex and the new Stadsblok. The park surrounding the stadium not only reinforces connections with the green environment but also positions Stadionpark Galgenwaard as a potential future regional city centre.

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