2024 03 04 Mecanoo selected to develop a new mix-used in Slovakia’s Sky Park masterplan 12024 03 04 Mecanoo selected to develop a new mix-used in Slovakia’s Sky Park masterplan 2

Mecanoo selected to develop a new mix-used in Slovakia’s Sky Park Masterplan

04.03.2024 - Project updates

The construction of a new project is underway in downtown Bratislava as the development group Alto Real Estate unveils the winning design for Blok 5.1. The winning proposal by Mecanoo emerged from an international architectural and urban design competition. This new venture at the Nív location will integrate housing, offices, and civic amenities, with a primary focus on residential function.

The site lies between Sky Park and the former temporary bus station, bordered by Bottova, Továrenská, and Chalupkova streets. Alto Real Estate acquired the territory in April 2023. The project aims to harmonize the entire city block with a consistent architectural vision while serving as a link between Sky Park and other developments towards Košická Street. It also extends park and pedestrian routes towards Mlynské Nivy Boulevard.

"From the outset, we envisioned this competition as an opportunity to enhance the district, largely defined by the Sky Park project, in terms of architectural excellence. I'm pleased to see that our vision has been realized," remarks Rastislav Valovič, Executive Director of Alto Real Estate. The project will offer a blend of housing, offices, and civic amenities. In the initial phase, over 33,000 square meters of living space will be developed. The residential function will be distributed among three buildings, with a larger block serving as a focal point connecting Chalupkova and Bottova Streets. In contrast, the two smaller blocks are strategically placed within the park. An office building on the plot's periphery will be added later.

"In the Sky Park district, modern architecture is combined with the legacy of the industrial past, creating a distinctive and dynamic urban environment. The territory of Blok 5.1 is conceived as a smooth continuation of the iconic towers of Sky Park and contributes to the creation of a new space offering high-quality housing and offices" said Nuno Fontarra, Partner/Architect at Mecanoo.

The project will further progress with the park's expansion into the housing estate and the creation of an opening for continuation through Chalupkova Street. The architectural language of the new residential blocks and office building distinguishes itself from the existing Sky Park towers, with public space serving as a cohesive element between the two projects. The park emerges as a vital public space, a vibrant green area accessible throughout the year.

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