2024 04 10 Planning permission granted to De Kaai masterplan in Rotterdam

Planning permission granted to De Kaai masterplan in Rotterdam

10.04.2024 - Project updates

Aiming to revitalise the Feijenoord district's prominent Nassaukade, covering approximately 24,000 m2, plans are underway to transform the area into a new iconic city district. Situated alongside the Nieuwe Maas, this industrial zone represents one of Rotterdam's last significant development opportunities.

Recognising its potential, VORM and Mecanoo, in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam, envision a sustainable and forward-thinking living and working program for the site. The ambitious project aims to breathe new life into the space, reimagining it as a vibrant hub of activity.

At the heart of this transformation is the former margarine factory at the Kop van Feijenoord. This redevelopment promises to integrate seamlessly into the city, offering a diverse array of amenities. Envisioned features include a lively and green waterfront, cultural and commercial spaces, community areas, and approximately a thousand homes.

The design encompasses a mix of squares, alleys, roof gardens, and mixed-use buildings, ensuring a dynamic environment that caters to a variety of needs and interests. With a focus on blending existing elements with new developments, the project aims to create a cohesive and inclusive urban space.

Currently in the zoning planning phase, the project is scheduled to be implemented in stages between 2025 and 2029. This ambitious endeavour represents a significant step towards shaping the future landscape of Rotterdam, embracing sustainability, community, and innovation.

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