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Macau Central Library construction underway at UNESCO World Heritage Site

13.06.2024 - Events, Project updates

Today marks the beginning of the construction of the Macau Central Library. This phase includes the demolition of the existing Hotel Estoril and the construction of the future library's basements. The mural by sculptor and architect Oseo Acconci has been relocated temporarily, preserved and being restored for future incorporation into Mecanoo's design.

Nuno Fontarra, Architect/Partner at Mecanoo: "Today marks an exciting milestone as we begin constructing the new Macau Central Library. Located by the Tap Seac Square in the historical centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this project will transform a location with such rich history into a dynamic cultural hub."

The facade takes inspiration from the former modernist design of Hotel Estoril by filtering the light and creating a controlled indoor climate. An intriguing play of light and shadow is projected onto the floor and walls of the library. The uniform skin wraps the library volume and opens up like a book page to the main entrance facing the Tap Seac square. This welcoming gesture is an essential part of the relationship between library and square.

Rather than imagining the new Central Library simply as a cultural destination in Macau, Mecanoo’s design proposal is built around the idea of creating a journey – one that commences at city level via the Tap Seac Square and continues through a series of interconnected spaces, leading visitors all the way to the large reading rooms situated at the top level of the building. The futurist mural designed by the Italian sculptor Oseo Acconci depicting Fortuna, the Roman goddess of chance, is preserved and integrated it in the new lobby welcoming the visitors.

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