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Historic Havenziekenhuis set for residential transformation in Rotterdam

09.07.2024 - Project updates

The former Havenziekenhuis in Rotterdam is being transformed into a residential complex. The project includes the renovation of the hospital’s historic main building and the construction of two residential towers flanking it. This ambitious development will provide 380 homes and a range of community facilities.

The historic Havenziekenhuis, one of the few buildings in central Rotterdam to survive the 1940 bombings, will be restored to its original splendour while incorporating modern sustainability features. A publicly accessible roof terrace offering views of the Nieuwe Maas and the city centre is also planned. In addition to housing, the new complex will host various neighbourhood amenities, including catering, healthcare, sports facilities, and commercial spaces, all located on the ground floor.

The design of the project places a strong emphasis on sustainability. The roofs of the residential buildings will serve as water storage, and the surrounding green spaces will also facilitate water collection. The green roof of the catering pavilion on the city balcony will support biodiversity, providing habitats for insects, spiders, and birds, while bat boxes will be integrated into the pavilion’s facade. The buildings will be heated using heat-cold storage, a method that stores energy in the form of heat or cold in the ground.

At least thirty percent of the homes will be in the middle segment, catering to both owner-occupiers and renters, while the remaining homes will be in the higher segment. As part of the same master plan by Mecanoo, the nearby future residential building De Hoge Wiek will offer 360 social rental homes. The current De Hoge Wiek building, which houses 207 homes, will be demolished due to its outdated condition.

To facilitate the Havenziekenhuis transformation, the Rotterdam board is seeking approval from the city council for a new zoning plan. The council is expected to discuss this plan in September, with construction anticipated to begin in mid-2025.

The Havenziekenhuis has not functioned as a hospital since 2017. Since 2021, it has provided temporary shelter for students, young status holders, and Ukrainian refugees. Vervat Vastgoed, the developer and owner of the Havenziekenhuis since 2018, has engaged local residents and stakeholders in the planning process to shape the future of this historic site, according to the municipality of Rotterdam.

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