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Groundbreaking ceremony marks start of Mecanoo’s new Taoyuan Station

10.07.2024 - Project updates

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 10th for the new Taoyuan Station underground construction project, part of the Taiwan Railways metropolitan area MRT's. Rodrigo Louro Flor, Associate Architect; Yi-Hsuan Lin, Architect/Director Asia; and Veerasu Saetae, Architect at Mecanoo, who are currently in Taiwan visiting various projects, were present at the ceremony along with representatives from Sinotech.

Over the past twenty years, Taiwan has been transforming its aboveground railway system into an underground transport network. Like other cities in the country, Taoyuan has grappled with the constraining influence of railway tracks on the development of its city center. Amidst this significant ongoing transformation, there is a strong aspiration to forge connections between the northern and southern parts of the city.

As a pivotal initiative within the two-phase masterplan, Taoyuan Station is set to emerge as the city's central axis. Located in the old city center, the new Taoyuan Station is a large, covered plaza encompassing commercial spaces, a metro, a bus station, and underground railways. The roof canopy spans three volumes and two voids, which are well-connected to the underground levels. The heavy structural columns are divided into slimmer ones, creating a sense of lightness that supports the large canopy, making it appear as if it is floating above the site.

Taoyuan, known as the Airport City, embodies this spirit with the station's canopy resembling an origami aeroplane. The soffit pattern, combined with linear lights, creates a dynamic ceiling that captures the attention of the station's users. Recognizing the subtropical climate of Taoyuan, and as part of Mecanoo's sustainable and holistic design approach, the canopy provides shade and shelter for the public space. This design seamlessly merges the city and the station, enhancing the public character of the transportation hub.

As a compact and efficient transportation hub, passengers can easily navigate and move through the station. The central circulation of the station provides access from multiple directions to the platform levels. Lighting and landscape design will help guide people around the station and provide greenery to the urban fabric. Considered a catalyst rather than a destination, the station will provide essential services such as a café, a convenience store, a restaurant, and a souvenir shop. The second phase of the master plan on the east side of the station will house a multi-story building that will provide commercial and office spaces.

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