2014 07 10 Historical city map graces the vaulted ceiling of Delft’s new train station

Historical city map graces the vaulted ceiling of Delft’s new train station

05.08.2014 - Project updates

One of the most eye-catching features of Delft’s new train station and municipal offices has been completed. In collaborator with Geerdes Ontwerpen the large 7700 m2 vaulted ceiling of the entrance hall entices visitors with a map of Delft as it was in 1877. The map can be seen throughout the public space, from both the city entrance as well as the platforms.

The visitors’ perception of the image changes continuously as they move through the building, creating a stunning welcoming experience.Mecanoo architecten collaborated with Geerdes Ontwerpen to design the intricate overhead visual. The entire map is created by nearly 30 million dots printed on both sides of 1929 straight and bended lamellae.

Due to the complex shape of the building and projection of the image, custom software had to be developed to create the printable image. The feasibility of the ultimate design was assessed using a virtual reality model.The projection of the historical map in characteristic Delft’s blue is an example of how Mecanoo has interwoven Delft’s rich history with the technological ingenuity that is also engrained in the city’s character, in its design.

The first part of the new station and municipal offices, including the public lobby and station hall with its impressive ceiling, will open to the public in 2015.

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