De Kwartiermaker

De Kwartiermaker

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Size: 11,000 m2
Status: Ongoing
Project Design: 2020 - 2021
Address: Haarlemmerweg 337, 1051 LH Amsterdam
Client: Urban Fabric Development.
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Project description

De Kwartiermaker connects the business centre with Westerpark through stacking a diverse mix of functions. It is designed in a green landscape, providing a spectacular environment for a vast range of businesses and a place that creates value for the entire area, where people and functions come together in and around the building. The building functions as an urban beacon from the Haarlemmerweg, the internal uses are on display with a mix of work, makerspaces, hospitality and culture forming a diverse and attractive space.

Its function as a lively building that stimulates encounters both within the area and in the building itself is supported by the public programme within the plinth and throughout the building, ensuring varied activity. On the roof, a changing temporary programme allows for pop-up events and pavilions. 

As part of the design process, we looked at what the users want. Through conversations to better understand the needs of the owners and users in the neighbourhood, the need for affordability was reflected, in combination with an upgrade of the outdated area by allowing new initiatives that add vibrancy, diversity and connect the area with Westerpark the Food Centre nearby. 

Greenery throughout the building not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but is also part of the climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive concept of the building. Existing green roofs and terraces on De Kwartiermaker connect an attractive green landscape with the Brettenzone and the adjacent Westerpark. De Kwartiermaker has also been designed to be future-proof; spaces can be arranged flexibly so that any future adjustments to the programme are also taken into account. Due to the form with terraces, the building can also be transformed into alternative functions in the future. 

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