Rijndam Rehabilitation Centre

Rijndam Rehabilitation Centre

Rotterdam, Netherlands



Size: 23,000 m2
Status: Design
Project Design: 2014 - 2017
Address: Westersingel 300, Rotterdam
Client: Rijndam
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Project description

Rijndam Rehabilitation Centre in Rotterdam is situated on the border between the lively Westersingel with its beautiful villas and the tranquillity of the Museum Park. Mecanoo designed a compact and inviting plan for the renovation and expansion which accounts for the existing context. Extensive consultation with the users has resulted in a design that aligns with Rijndam's vision on rehabilitation.

Due to the clever spatial organisation and logistics more time can be spent on the patient. By expanding the building in the direction of the street and adding a volume to the top, the renovated Rijndam gains visibility. The welcoming entrance is set in a beautiful green garden with a terrace.

A wide and light indoor street lined with public amenities runs through the building. It is a clear open space in which patients and visitors can easily orientate themselves. The central treatment areas are prominently placed along the street. Large windows show the recovery activities in practice. At the new Rijndam, when possible, patients can be in charge of their rehabilitation: they are constantly challenged to push their own boundaries.

Rooming-in facilities lets family members perform exercises with the patient, including in the evenings or on weekends. Outside visitors may also use facilities such as the restaurant, gym, swimming pool, hairdresser and beauty salon. This creates a lively atmosphere which promotes the participation of patients in social life.

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