City Hall Redevelopment

City Hall Redevelopment

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Size: 54,000 m2
Status: Design
Project Design: 2009
Address: Rodezand, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Client: Gemeente Rotterdam.
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Project description

Rotterdam acquires a city hall with a prominent public function through the redevelopment and extension of the heritage-listed Stadstimmerhuis. The competition design for an iconic city hall includes Stadswinkel XL, the central office for all city services. The design showcases the best of Rotterdam with utmost respect for this monumental building from the post-war reconstruction period.

Reflecting this aim, the facade of the new building fits carefully with the rhythm of the original facade. The residential tower containing 124 starters’ apartments is placed as a freestanding element on Raamplein.

The ground floor of the new Stadstimmerhuis 010 features an extensive public indoor square. A vast elevated digital screen wraps the square, further accentuating its iconic character.
A timber floor leads up to a terrace-like platform with mobile public counters where Rotterdammers can renew and pick up official documents.

An extensive model of the city occupies the central space and can be hoisted, if necessary, during events. The municipal offices are situated along a circular corridor overlooking the city hall. In both buildings, a transparent ground floor connects with the public space.

Stadstimmerhuis 010 is a compact, healthy building with a comfortable indoor climate. The design anticipates innovative future developments in the building such as the arrival of electric cars in the car park. Translucent glass ‘eyes’ intensify daylight that enters through the new roof into the city hall.

Reflected natural light from mirrored spheres is transmitted to the workspaces via fibre-optic cables. An electrostatic wind converter known as EWICON, also designed by Mecanoo, is installed on the roof of the residential tower in the form of 010, the city’s area code that represents a sustainable and innovative Rotterdam.


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