03 04 2017 A legacy of Mies and King at the National Building Museum

“A legacy of Mies and King” at the National Building Museum


The documentary film “A Legacy of Mies and King” will be screened at the National Building Museum in Washington DC on Thursday April 13, 2017. The film deals with the modernisation of Washington DC’s central library, which was designed in the sixties by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and named after Martin Luther King, Jr.

The film follows architect Francine Houben as she investigates the past and present in order to design a world-class library. Francine delves into the archives, meets contemporaries of Mies and King, speaks to current visitors of the library, and participates in a Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Peace Walk. During her quest, both the building's namesake and the original architect look over her shoulder critically.

A Q&A with DC Public Library executive director Richard Reyes-Gavilan will follow the screening. The event is presented as part of Architecture Month, organised by the Washington Architectural Foundation and the District Architecture Center.

“A Legacy of Mies and King” was written, filmed and directed by Nienke Andersson with music and sound engineering was done by KH music. The documentary was funded by The Society of Arts of The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in collaboration with Mecanoo architecten.

Mecanoo architecten works with local partner Martinez+Johnson Architecture on the redesign of the library, which is expected to reopen in 2020.

Thursday April 13, 2017 – 6.30 pm
National Building Museum
401 F Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20001
United States