Construction of Health Boulevard starts

22.09.2015 - Project updates

The construction of the Health Boulevard next to the Zaans Medical Centre (ZMC) began on Monday September 21. Together with the hospital, the Health Boulevard will combine medical functions with various neighbourhood amenities such as a supermarket and pharmacy. The combination of functions enables the complex to naturally become part of the community.

Shops as well as the ZMC visitors’ restaurant are located on the ground floor. A double-height transparent ground floor engages directly with the adjoining park and a wide canopy connects with the hospital. The Health Centre and pharmacy are located on the first floor, with the dental clinic and optometrist situated on the second floor.

Each practice has its own entrance from the lobby central to the Healthcare Centre. Characterised by an intuitive design, the lobby also serves as a communal waiting room with views of the park and connects the Boulevard with the ZMC.

The Health Hotel occupies the third to fifth floors with direct access to the ZMC clinical departments.

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