09 05 2017 SILO Mecanoo cooperation for Zaans Medical Centre09 05 2017 SILO Mecanoo cooperation for Zaans Medical Centre 1

SILO-Mecanoo cooperation for Zaans Medical Centre wins multiple international prizes

09.05.2017 - Project updates

The new Zaans Medical Centre is a people-focused, welcoming and innovative hospital. A lot of attention has been paid to providing positive distraction for patients and visitors. Part of this healing environment are the environmental graphics created by SILO Agency together with Mecanoo. This work receives worldwide attention and has been awarded major design and innovation prizes in London and New York.

On May 8, 2017, SILO received three Golden Cubes from the Art Directors Club (ADC) in New York, including the Designism Cube which is awarded to a project that has incited social or political changes in an innovative way. SILO's work for the Zaans Medical Centre also received a Yellow Pencil at the D&AD Awards in London.

“Patients often experience an increased amount of stress and emotion, which is not conducive to recovery. With our work, we set out to improve the relationship between the building and its users. This resulted in poetic manifestations that act as positive distractions,” said Rene Toneman of SILO.

SILO combined technique and design to create striking graphical elements throughout the hospital that provide a positive distraction. Using 3D software and animation models, a total of 3,500m2 of hand-drawn illustrations are featured on walls, glass walls and lifts. The representation in the central hall consists of the human body, composed of components of the industrial history of Zaandam, elements the all citizens of the region are familiar with.

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Image copyright by Thijs Wolzak.

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