20 06 2018 The beginning of Mecanoo

Lecture: The beginning of Mecanoo

20.06.2018 - Events

The Kruisplein flat marked the beginning of Mecanoo architecten. As students, they won the competition for 'Anders Wonen' (Living Differently) in the early 1980s. The design was chosen from 196 (!) entries. Meantime, Mecanoo has accomplished projects worldwide. Rotterdam occupies a unique position in their work, as the city where Mecanoo has realised a wide variety of projects: from the chapel at the Catholic cemetery in Crooswijk to the residential tower Montevideo on the Wilhelminapier.

Other housing projects are Tiendplein, Hillekop, Ringvaartplasbuurt (Prinsenland) and Nieuw Terbregge. Designing good and affordable housing has always been paramount in their work. With this, the office has played an important role in the development of Rotterdam as an innovative architecture city.

On Sunday 24 June, architect Sylvie Beugels will give a lecture on the roof of the Kruisplein flat. Prior to this, you can listen to a short interview with founding partner Francine Houben about the significance of this project for Mecanoo's beginning. The program ends with a short discussion about the future of the Oude Westen neighbourhood.

The lecture is in Dutch.
Sunday 24 June, 13:30 - 15:00 at Kruisplein building. Tickets: € 3

This lecture is part of Zig Zag City, 9-24 June 2018.

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