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The first phase of the new Ede-Wageningen Train Station canopy is now completed

17.05.2023 - Project updates

The first 12 triangles that together compose part of the canopy of the new Ede-Wageningen Train Station are now in place. Works started last Thursday with the preparation and assembly of the wooden roof triangles (60 tons/pc). Each triangle took around 5h to be assembled and work can now continue with the second phase. Once completed, the new roof will consist of 23 triangles of laminated spruce wooden beams 27 meters long, 2 meters high and 30 centimeters wide. Triangular skylights are placed arbitrarily over the roof to allow daylight to fall on the platform and in the pedestrian tunnel. 

The new Ede-Wageningen Train Station will be a place where thousands of commuters easily find their way. The gateway to the Veluwe National Park will also be a remarkable introduction to the city of Ede. The transport hub has been designed to respond to the growth in passenger numbers and make an expansion of services and facilities available. A striking wooden roof makes the station a unique and vibrant place, a well-integrated and characteristic destination where the comfort of travelers and local residents is put first.

The design for the station area takes its inspiration from the Veluwe landscape - the topography, landscape types, existing buildings and monuments. The building is nestled in the slopes of the moraine between the Veluwe Massif and the Gelderse Valley. Through the smart stacking of functions, such as the car park, bus station, retail facilities, and bicycle parking, commuters can easily transfer between different modes of transport. The open station roof covers the platforms like a canopy of leaves, providing shelter whilst letting diffused daylight enter freely. 

The new public transport hub is based on an original preliminary design by Mecanoo further developed and implemented by Royal HaskoningDHV, with EdesPoort and Vakwerk Architecten responsible for the execution and quality control.  

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