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Rotterdam's iconic Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen moves forward with Mecanoo’s ambitious renovation plans

28.06.2024 - Project updates

The Mayor and Aldermen of the city of Rotterdam and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen are pleased to announce that there is broad support for the new design by Francine Houben of Mecanoo Architects for the renovation of the museum. This ambitious renovation plan is made possible in part by a contribution from the Droom en Daad Foundation. With the renovation, the museum will once again meet the requirements for displaying its world-famous collection and exhibitions. Clear routing, high-quality exhibition rooms, attention to accessibility, and a new main entrance in the heart of the renovated building will significantly improve the visitor experience. In addition to a donation of 80 million euros from the Droom en Daad Foundation, the foundation is also contributing to a solution for the museum's future knowledge centre. The reopening is expected in 2029.

With the new design, the parties are writing a new chapter in the history of the museum. The design focuses on the restoration of the monumental Van der Steur, Bodon, and Henket buildings, establishing five main principles, namely:

  • A welcoming entrance
  • Improving logistics
  • Enhancing the museum routing
  • Restoring the national monuments Van der Steur, Bodon, and Henket buildings
  • Connecting the museum with the city and the Museum Park

Mecanoo's design for the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen embodies vision and craftsmanship. The architectural concept is characterized by a clear intervention in the heart of the museum that connects all parts of the building. A sunken square marks the new entrance, providing visitors access to the Bodon and Van der Steur buildings, which will serve as exhibition spaces.

The Robbrecht en Daem section of the building will be demolished, revealing the national monuments of Bodon and Van der Steur once again from the city. The removal of this wing creates space for a logistical back-of-house solution for art, goods, food, and waste. The west courtyard will be covered and transformed into a multifunctional space. On the park side, a new museum entrance near the Henket Pavilion will connect the museum directly with the park. The pavilion itself will be repurposed as a museum restaurant.

The design has obtained broad support from the council, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, and stakeholders such as the Committee on Environmental Quality and Cultural Heritage and the National Cultural Heritage Agency. The plan includes comprehensive restoration and renovation of the museum, emphasizing fire safety, sustainability, and preservation of its monumental values.

With extensive and unanimous support, we are committed to collaborating on a new, future-proof museum. Together, we are taking a leap into the future—a future that the collection, the city, and the people of Rotterdam rightfully deserve.

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