Golden Ribbon Cycling Route

Golden Ribbon Cycling Route

Jiaozuo, China



Status: Ongoing
Project Design: 2014 - 2015
Address: City of Jiaozuo
Client: City of Jiaozuo and Shandong University, Jinan, China; World Bank, Washington D.C., USA
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Project description

Like a golden ribbon, a 17.6 kilometre long cycling route will connect the Northern China city of Jiaozuo to the mountains. The route is integrated into the existing infrastructure, running along several attractions and important places within Jiaozuo. Special attention has been paid to the comfort of riding. Beautiful views of the valley, convenient resting places and high quality facilities turn cycling along the Golden Ribbon into a unique experience.

The cycling route connects to the culture and urban context of the old mining city of Jiaozuo, and fits seamlessly into the landscape and climate of the Yellow River basin. The starting point for the design is the local Yellow Rain tree with its beautiful yellow flowers in the autumn. Planting an abundance of these trees along the route clearly marks the trajectory, drawing nature into the urban environment.

The five metre wide asphalt cycling path is lined by a distinctive continuous stone edge of locally sourced Taihan schist. The edge widens at resting places and at the nine pavilions along the route. The larger pavilions host a restaurant, a bicycle rent facility, public showers, and the club house for the cycling association. 

The pavilions and street furniture are designed as one family and constructed from COR-TEN steel and schist stone. In the perforated steel fences it is possible to distinguish the flowers of the Yellow Rain tree. As a result, the designed elements and nature come together as one coherent, recognisable whole.

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