Fontys University of Applied Sciences (R3 Building)

Fontys University of Applied Sciences (R3 Building)

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Size: 9,000 m2
Status: Completed
Project Design: 2013
Project Realisation: 2014
Address: Rachelsmolen 2 5612 MB Eindhoven
Client: Fontys Hogescholen.
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Project description

After a comprehensive renovation, the R3 Building (1989) situated at the Rachelsmolen Campus of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven once again suits its users’ needs. The building has been upgraded by a spatial, climatological and visual overhaul.

A large group of users now experience a modern education building that also acts as the entrance to the renewed green campus, strengthening the connection of the campus to the city. The goal of the renovation was to achieve optimum sustainability for a relatively short lifespan extension of 10 to 15 years.

The central building volume was partially adapted and extended. The trichotomy of the building places the students in the Northern compartment, the staff in the Southern compartment with a transparent ‘heart’ in between to meet friends and exchanging ideas.

This collective space doubles as the inviting entrance to the campus. Existing elements that support the desired learning and working climate have been preserved. The fixed furniture and graphical layer visibly distinguish the new elements and add a fresh look to R3. 

An unequivocal concept with its clear shapes, limited variation in materials, textures and colours, gives the building a rational appearance. The new graphical layer enforces the identity and unicity of the building, whilst providing clear signage and wayfinding.

The Rachelsmolen Campus was renewed by the creation of a ‘green heart’. By moving parking spaces to the sides of the campus, room was created for a student and staff meeting area. New facilities were also added for bicycle and motorcycle storage.

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