Taoyuan Art Museum

Taoyuan Art Museum

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Size: 29,000 m2
Status: Design
Project Design: 2018
Address: 320, Taiwan, Taoyuan City, Zhongli District, 高鐵南路二段
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Project description

Easily connected to Taoyuan International Airport and Taiwan High Speed Railway, the challenge presented for the entire masterplan is the opportunity to capitalise the proximity with these transportation hubs as an attraction for transit-day travellers and, as well, citizens of Taiwan.

Taoyuan Art Museum will be the catalyser of this process generating an inviting and open urban node with a powerful capacity to diffuse art throughout the community. The cultural complex, located in an existing park, spreads over two sites next the elevated MRT line and comprises a Museum of Art, Library, Educational and Commercial programs and a 300 seats Theatre. 

On the north side of the park is situated the Theatre, a Food Court and Educational programs, with workshop and studio spaces for young artists. The building connects to the park, with views towards the lake, featuring an open foyer space that serves both, Theatre and Food Court.

The Museum, the Art Library and part of the commercial program are located in the south side of the park. The building stretches along the road, parallel to the elevated MRT line and the Art Village, the local community in the vicinity of the site.

Designed as a horizontal volume, the lower roof line at the corners reduces the building height to enable a gradual transition to the surroundings. The building is interrupted by strategically positioned incisions from bottom to up to fragment the mass in a sculptural volume.

A triangular pattern creates a visually cohesive whole without an apparent front or back façade. The open Ground Floor composed by four volumes channel air currents in a natural way. Visitors and passers-by can shelter from the rain or sun of the local subtropical climate underneath the canopy.

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