Park Valley

Park Valley

Diemen, Netherlands

Size: 90,000 m2
Status: Ongoing
Project Design: 2020 - 2022
Project Realisation: 2022 - 2025
Client: BPD, Dura Vermeer.
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Project description

Park Valley will be a new residential area inclusive of all age groups, with a high quality of living and lushing green public space. The neighbourhood will combine the best of both worlds - the village character of Diemen and the urban amenities of Amsterdam, which is just a stone's throw away. Park Valley is a part of the Holland Park neighbourhood, following its spatial ambition of high-density area. In Park Valley greenery will be felt and experienced everywhere. The district will provide more than 720 homes, of which 322 owner-occupied homes, 212 at affordable rent and 170 rental homes in the middle segment, a community school, and public amenities.

In Park Valley you are surrounded by nature. The greenery softly flows from the heart of the neighbourhood to the intimate courtyards of the four quadrants it is composed of. The private, natural environment encourages playing, discovering and meeting. Hiking trails meander through the area with playing areas hidden among the trees. The green area is connected to the existing Bergwijk Park with its canal connected to the water nearby. The green north-south axis with water, natural banks and green zones connects Park Valley with the Natuurbuurt and Campusbuurt neighbourhoods. From the future park, the greenery will be continued in an east-west direction, thereby enhancing the ecological values ​​and biodiversity.

Park Valley encourages interaction between residents of all generations and ages - whether at school, in the green or between buildings. The four green residential courtyards provide intimacy and security. Private gardens naturally spill over into public green spaces. This encourages shared use of the outdoor spaces. Each building has its own identity: there is a building covered with vegetation and one with terraces all around. Double-storey single-family houses are located on the park. Pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, steppers and roller skaters have right of way everywhere. From the outer ring, cars have direct access to the semi-sunken parking basements.

The community school is integrated in one of the four quadrants. The stepped volume of the school overlooks the green heart of Park Valley as well as the schoolyard and garden. On the other side there is the community centre. With its transparent facade it faces the schoolyard increasing social safety when the schoolyard is used outside school hours by the children in the neighbourhood. The plinths of the buildings around the green axis house public functions, such as an Parent-Children's Home. In the plinth of the school there is a children's cooking café where parents can taste their children's baked goods. These functions bind the neighbourhood together and stimulate interaction between all generations and lifestyles.

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