Holland Park West

Holland Park West

Diemen, Netherlands

Status: Ongoing
Project Design: 2020

Awards: 1st Prize Competition

Photography: Plomp

Holland Park West will be a new residential area within the Holland Park neighbourhood. The plan, called Xplore, consists of 720 homes. Of these, 212 social rental homes and 170 medium-priced rental homes will be realised. The plan also takes into account 1,500 m2 of facilities and a community school. This school will provide space for around 700 primary school pupils, a daycare center and a playgroup.

The Xplore plan is designed in such a way that there is as much interaction as possible between residents of all generations and ages - whether at school, within the green spaces or between buildings. This scheme also ensures the development of a completely car-free vision, which includes four green residential courtyards which provide intimacy and security.

The facilities and school are positioned in strategic locations to bring liveliness to the green heart of the neighbourhood. The entire development has also been designed with plenty of attention to biodiversity and circularity. All felled wood is re-used and biodiversity of the area enhanced. The landscape is green and climate adaptive while the buildings are designed to be energy neutral.

The procedure to define the zoning plan will start before the end of 2019, so that the school and first phase housing can be occupied as early as 2022. The built delivery of the final home is planned for 2025. The Xplore plan is part of the larger Holland Park area development, the former Berwijkpark-Noord business park, where a total of more than 5,000 homes are being realized.

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