Masterplan Meneba Wormerveer

Masterplan Meneba Wormerveer

Wormerveer, Netherlands

Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape, Adaptive/Reuse, Residential, Hotel/Leisure, Masterplan/Mobility

Status: Ongoing
Address: Noorddijk 70, 1521 PD Wormerveer
Client: Waterland Real Estate and Van Wijnen

Over the course of a century, an impressive factory site has been constructed along the river Zaan, near Amsterdam. After the first world war, the factory started as a flour mill and bakers’ cooperative that ensured flour delivery to bakeries. Now part of the industrial heritage, the complex is slated for transformation into an attractive mix of programmes: housing, working spaces, restaurants, retail and events. This will ultimately be a new community on the Zaan.

The large factory complex of Meneba, with its impressive silos on the Zaan, is being redeveloped into a residential area with around 600 homes, workspaces and additional facilities.
Mecanoo is responsible for the design of one of the largest transformation projects in the Zaan region. Mecanoo’s design will emphasise the iconic value of the site and bring it to the next level regarding People, Place, Purpose and Poetry.

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