Wormerveer, Netherlands

Size: 69,400 m2
Status: Ongoing
Address: Noorddijk 70, 1521 PD Wormerveer
Client: Waterland Real Estate, Amsterdam; Municipality of Zaanstad.
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Project description

Meneba is a characteristic factory complex north of the Zaan River. In the 17th century, the area became famous for many mills that produced oil and paper, making the area quite prosperous. During the industrialization of the 19th century, and steam engine advancements, factory complexes were built along the Zaan.

One of these is Meneba, which includes warehouses and a steam flour factory. The complex has been rebuilt several times over the years and has continued to expand. The oldest parts of this industrial heritage are the Oude Vlijt from 1898 and the Nieuwe Vlijt from 1911.

Meneba has not been in use since 2011. The Zaankwartier masterplan brings an opportunity to breathe new life into this unique location on the Zaan. It will become a vibrant neighbourhood for young and old to live, work and play. The Zaankwartier is inspired by industrial architecture, in which the Oude Vlijt, Nieuwe Vlijt, as well as the boiler houses and engine room are all preserved.

Due to their characteristic architecture and waterside location, they form a unique part of the district’s identity. The distinctive bridges that connect to existing buildings also form part of the masterplan concept. The white cylinder-shaped Silo America, from 1964, gets a new hotel function with an additional height accent.

Zaankwartier will be a place with different types of housing, a wide range of facilities, offices and horeca. Located between the detached residential buildings are cozy neighbourhood squares with plenty of greenery and a central square, where residents can meet and children can play.

There are jetties positioned in the water where people can sit and enjoy the connection to nature. Everywhere within the district there is a strong connection with both the Zaan and nature reserve which is located on the other side of the river.

Affordable housing is an important part of Zaankwartier. 40% of the total homes being provided consist of affordable rent and owner-occupied homes, 25% are medium-term rent and the remainder are free sector. Sustainability is an important starting point for buildings, public space and mobility. Trees, green roofs and water storage prevent heat stress and flooding.

Biodiversity is stimulated by planting native species and creating nesting places for birds and bats. Shared mobility is encouraged with this new district, meeting the latest EPC and BENG requirements.

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