Brink Tower

Brink Tower

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Size: 30,184 m2
Status: Ongoing
Project Design: 2019 - 2020
Project Realisation: 2022 - 2025
Address: Overhoeks, Amsterdam
Client: : Xior Student Housing, DubbeLL - Neighbourhood Developers.

Programme: 400 homes, including 120 social rental homes, 30 care homes, a meeting space for the neighbourhood and 250 rental properties in the middle segment.

Awards: 1st Prize Competition.

The 90-meter-high Brink Tower will be a real eye-catcher in the skyline of the Overhoeks district. The tower will be a green, sustainable, and vibrant vertical neighbourhood, with a great diversity of homes that will accommodate a diverse group of people. Comprised of 28 floors, the tower will offer a mixed program with the opportunity to live, work, do business and relax in a healthy environment.

With the destiny to become an icon it will, however, not lose its human dimension, contributing to the development of Amsterdam North, a neighbourhood of the future: locally rooted, lively, and inclusive. The Brink Tower accommodates 400 homes, of which 120 social rental homes, 250 private rental homes and 30 care homes. Connecting the Van der Pekbuurt and Overhoeks, the development strengthens the identity and solidarity of these neighbourhoods. The lively plinth of the tower offers space for shops, restaurants, and local businesses, and will become the meeting point of the neighbourhood.

The Brink Tower is a unique, iconic landmark in the high-rise composition of the area. The design is versatile, and each facade engages into a unique relationship with its environment. Inspired by the Amsterdam School style of the Van der Pekbuurt, meandering masonry facades form terraces and gable gardens and give the tower a green appearance. The classic construction of basement, hull and crown refers to the nearby A'DAM tower, as do the sleek black metal frames in the facade, the angular displacement in the building volume and the detailing of the PowerNEST as the crowning glory of the roof.

In addition to the investments in social quality and the health of future residents of Brink Tower, the technical concept of this high-rise building itself is also extremely sustainable. An EPC score of less than 0 is achieved through the combination of sustainable measures. The homes are heated and cooled with a thermal energy storage system. Energy is generated by integrating PV cells on roofs, terraces, and facades and the PowerNEST on the roof.

The tower will also have polder roofs with water storage, creating green enclaves. The collected rainwater is reused during the growing season for watering the roof gardens. In addition, sustainable mobility is stimulated by offering electric shared cars and bicycles. The sleek and elegant tower has been specially designed to allow as much interaction as possible. The collective roof terraces and gardens encourages encounters between the residents of the different housing types.

The various retail facilities, common areas and the meeting places of the transparent plinth provide an inviting character, connecting both the new and current residents from the area. The lush greenery connects inside and outside, making the tower an extension of the nearby park. The open, green space around the building also flows seamlessly into Van der Pek Square, which invites the residents to meet through the strategically placed entrances and street furniture.

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