Het Rijks Vocational School & Jorismavo

Het Rijks Vocational School & Jorismavo

Nijmegen, Netherlands



Size: 12,050 m2
Status: Completed
Project Design: 2017 - 2018
Project Realisation: 2019 - 2020
Address: Rijks Goffertweg 20 / Jorismavo Ploegstraat 16, 6532 TV Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Client: Scholengroep Rijk van Nijmegen.

Programme: Campus with 2 schools and a sports hall: Het Rijks Vocational school of 8,100 m2 (7,900 m2 renovation and 200 m2 extension), with specialisations in care & welfare, services and technology; Jorismavo Secondary School of 2,300 m2 (newly built); sports complex with 3 halls of 1,650 m2 (newly built) and landscape design for the 1.5 ha. campus.

Awards: Architectuurprijs Nijmegen, Jury Prize, 2021.

Photography: Stijn Poelstra.

Jointly situated in a campus setting, the two separate schools Het Rijks and Jorismavo have been transformed into an open, green and inviting environment. The design features a sports hall that can be shared by the schools and also be used by the wider neighbourhood. The historical secondary school was built in 1955 by C.Pouderoyen and has previously been extended multiple times in its history.

The three buildings, though built at different periods in history, resonate with each other through recurring vertical wooden slats throughout the façades and together form a strong and unique identity. The inspiring power of working in a historical building has been recognised, as the four building wings of Het Rijks have been preserved and renovated. The design has also been expanded with new construction, including a four-storey atrium and a new auditorium in the central heart of the building.

Jorismavo is a newly-built school with a compact configuration and a clear spatial layout. It is a small-scale school that encourages openness and encounters. The school has an open heart in the middle of the volume, formed by superimposed and staggered voids. Openness and transparency provide security and a solid basis for learning. The openness also encourages meeting between students and their peers, along with members of staff. 

The sports hall is located between the two schools to keep walking distances between these two main users as short as possible. It consists of 3 separate gym halls with fixed walls to address acoustic issues, which are a main challenge for gym teachers. Translucent façade panels introduce daylight into each hall. Changing rooms are placed on top of the storage to minimise the foot print and provide extra space. The sports hall has a compact design in order for construction to be as efficient as possible.

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