Shenzhen Guangming Scientist Valley

Shenzhen Guangming Scientist Valley

Liantang, China

Size: 20,400 m2
Status: Design
Project Design: 2022 - 2023
Client: Shenzhen Guangming Science City Development Investment Co., Ltd
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Project description

Mecanoo and Meng Architects, in collaboration with Lola Landscape, have emerged as the winners of a highly competitive international design competition for the Shenzhen Guangming Scientist Valley. This ambitious project aims to establish the first comprehensive national science centre in the Greater Bay Area, attracting researchers and innovative talents from around the world to create a world-leading research and innovation hub.

The visionary design proposed by the winning consortium embraces the unique natural characteristics of the site, presenting an innovative concept called the 'Scientific Forest'. Situated amidst the Lian Tang Reservoir, the Lou Village Reservoir, and the valley space between them, the Shenzhen Guangming Scientist Valley benefits from its prime location, surrounded by mountains and water, offering an ecological advantage.

The design team introduced the ‘Valley of Coexistence’ concept in their winning proposal. This concept revolves around the strategy of "temporal restoration and selective construction," with time as a vital element. The plan incorporates a diverse public activity program known as '1001 Forest Gardens' and three interdependent components: a public loop, a research centre, and a natural perimeter layer. The objective is to foster collaboration between the public and scientists, nurturing the growth of the forest and promoting coexistence within the valley.

Encompassing an area of approximately 1.2 square kilometres, the Shenzhen Guangming Scientist Valley will serve as the core of an international science and technology innovation centre spanning Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao. With its strategic location within a major scientific cluster and the surrounding natural elements, the project is set to become a global symbol of scientific advancement and innovation.

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