Nelson Mandela Park

Nelson Mandela Park

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Landscape, Hotel/Leisure, Masterplan/Mobility

Status: Completed
Project Design: 2003 - 2004
Project Realisation: 2009 - 2011
Address: Bijlmerpark, Zuidoost, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client: Stadsdeel Amsterdam Zuidoost

Programme: Urban design for a park with 700 dwellings and 10 ha sports program, offices and school.

Awards: 1st prize competition

Photography: Harry Cock, Aerophoto Stock

Nelson Mandela Park (formerly known as Bijlmerpark) in Amsterdam is transformed into a true city park containing six hectares of sports facilities and 700 residences that wind along the park perimeter. The transformation of the park forms part of a large-scale renewal of the Bijlmermeer district that aims to boost the quality of public space and safety on the street.

The park has eight impressive entrances, each composed of three open vertical gates. Meandering through the hilly park are footpaths that connect the cultural northern end with the natural, ecological southern end. A wide range of distinctive trees and magnolia fields creates a different experience in the park with each changing season.

The sports fields are located centrally in the park. Three recreation zones, each defined by a different identity and function, are found along the main path: the Sport; and Game esplanade; the Tribune esplanade for events that overlooks the main field; and the Nature esplanade, which overlooks the natural pond.

The nature park in the south is characterised by large areas of water, colourful fields with wetland plants, bridges and a water deck. Covered with butterfly-friendly plants, the lookout hill affords a magnificent view over the park.

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