We design primarily for people, construct spaces that are relevant to place, and forge connections that give a building purpose.

This has remained consistent, underlying values to Mecanoo's practice over the past three decades.

Explore our latest designs

Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Mecanoo designed the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi to resonate with natural rock formations, reflecting the museum’s goal of improving understanding of and engagement with the natural world. Every element of the design uses geometry as an overriding theme, with pentagonal shapes resembling cellular structures.

Vltava Philharmonic Hall Prague, Czech Republic

The new Vltava Philharmonic Hall is designed as a contemporary symbol of culture, urbanism and architecture, offering a dignified representation of the Czech Republic in an international context. The proposal follows the development of modern construction and top acoustic design of philharmonic halls. 

Joint Research Centre Sevilla, Spain

The design proposes several simple, logical, and site-specific sustainable solutions informed by Seville's climate, access to daylight, shading, and the local prevailing winds. A robust and flexible floorplan allows for future adaptation and expansion.

Amstel Design District Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amstel Design District endeavours more than just creating working and living spaces. An environment where noise and stress are replaced by spirituality, co-working, exchange of ideas, mutual inspiration and health enhancing activities. 

Spoorzone Dordrecht Dordrecht, Netherlands

The vision for Spoorzone Dordrecht outlines a future picture for the city in 2040. It represents spatial opportunities for the city in the fields of accessibility, climate adaptation, socio-economic developments and the major challenge of housing.

De Hoge Wiek Tower Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hoge Wiek lies at a pivotal point between the city harbour and the centre of Rotterdam. Located on the busy Maasboulevard, it represents an iconic gateway to the city centre marking the beginning of a stunning high-rise skyline of Rotterdam.

Macau Central Library Macau, China

While clearly a contemporary structure within a traditional context, the new Central Library will provide a forward-thinking platform for influencing its surroundings.

Zaankwartier Wormerveer, Netherlands

Meneba is a characteristic factory complex north of the Zaan River. The Zaankwartier masterplan brings an opportunity to breathe new life into this unique location on the Zaan. It will become a vibrant neighbourhood for young and old to live, work and play inspired by the industrial architecture of the site. 

Maritime Center Rotterdam Rotterdam, Netherlands

The iconic Maritime Center Rotterdam will be located in the middle of the water on the Rijnhaven. The organic building contrasts with the rational, industrial design of the port. It is elegant, versatile and invites you to discover. The triple helix of the international maritime world comes together in this center: the past, present and future. 

De Kwartiermaker Amsterdam, Netherlands

The shape of De Kwartiermaker with its prominent staircases and inviting terraces stimulate movement and the use of the stairs. Spaces can be arranged flexibly so that expansion and contraction are also taken into account. Due to the form with terraces, the building can also be transformed into living or other functions in the future.