We design primarily for people, construct spaces that are relevant to place, and forge connections that give a building purpose.

This has remained consistent, underlying values to Mecanoo's practice over the past three decades.

Explore our latest designs

De Kwartiermaker Amsterdam, Netherlands

The shape of De Kwartiermaker with its prominent staircases and inviting terraces stimulate movement and the use of the stairs. Spaces can be arranged flexibly so that expansion and contraction are also taken into account. Due to the form with terraces, the building can also be transformed into living or other functions in the future.

Spoorzone Dordrecht Dordrecht, Netherlands

The vision for Spoorzone Dordrecht outlines a future picture for the city in 2040. It represents spatial opportunities for the city in the fields of accessibility, climate adaptation, socio-economic developments and the major challenge of housing.

Maritime Center Rotterdam Rotterdam, Netherlands

The iconic Maritime Center Rotterdam will be located in the middle of the water on the Rijnhaven. The organic building contrasts with the rational, industrial design of the port. It is elegant, versatile and invites you to discover. The triple helix of the international maritime world comes together in this center: the past, present and future. 

Macau Central Library Macau, China

While clearly a contemporary structure within a traditional context, the new Central Library will provide a forward-thinking platform for influencing its surroundings.

Brink Tower Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Brink Tower will be a real eye-catcher with 28 floors and will, after completion, accommodate approximately 400 new residents. This new tower, situated in a prime location and easily accessible from Amsterdam Central Station via the ferry service, forms the connection between the Van der Pek neighbourhood and Overhoeks.

Theaterkwartier Lelystad, Netherlands

The urban ensemble that Mecanoo has designed in the Theaterkwartier is part of the restructuring of the centre of Lelystad, which creates a compact and lively city centre in the vicinity of a variety of facilities. The ensemble adds energy through the realisation of a cinema and catering industry, in combination with 57 energy-efficient rental apartments and five spacious ground-level homes.

Holland Park West Diemen, Netherlands

The plan, called Xplore, consists of 706 homes. The plan is designed in such a way that there is as much interaction as possible between residents of all generations and ages - whether at school, within the green spaces or between buildings. 

Senezh Management LAB Solnechnogorsk, Russia

Mecanoo’s winning masterplan is represented by four pronounced functional areas: Learning zone, Park zone, Waterfront and Archaeological Park. The architecture constantly responds to the landscape, while the natural environment frames the buildings and views. 

ICOON Residential Tower Frankfurt, Germany

The market’s history and regional traditions informed the design for a contemporary office building, connecting past and present. Maximising the land allocation, the slim 14-floor building sits elegantly on a corner plot opposite the market.

Zaankwartier Wormerveer, Netherlands

Meneba is a characteristic factory complex north of the Zaan River. The Zaankwartier masterplan brings an opportunity to breathe new life into this unique location on the Zaan. It will become a vibrant neighbourhood for young and old to live, work and play inspired by the industrial architecture of the site.