“It unites a whole people so they can become something bigger and better... a successful, cohesive society depends on buildings like this”

Tom Dyckhoff, The Culture Show, BBC TWO

Get new insight on the project which is reshaping the city of Delft!

Delft, the Netherlands

La Llotja Theatre and Conference Centre

Designed as a monolithic volume that emerges from the Spanish earth - Lleida, Spain

"The building is meant to be a symbol, the centerpiece of a revitalized, no longer neglected Dudley Square that will unlock its potential"

Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building, Boston (MA)

Special Commendation for Kaap Skil Museum, European competition of the Luigi Micheletti Foundation

Texel, the Netherlands

Latest News

Palace of Justice in Córdoba is under construction

Palace of Justice in Córdoba is under construction

The new Palace of Justice in Córdoba, Spain finally broke ground in on December 2014. The project dates back to 2006 when Mecanoo won the first prize in an international competition to design a courthouse with 26 courtrooms, a wedding room, a Forensi... read more
LOBBY interviews Francine Houben

LOBBY interviews Francine Houben

Last week saw the launch of the second issue of LOBBY Magazine, an architectural publication by London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. Mecanoo proudly sponsored this edition, and we’re happy to see a profile of Francine Houben in the o... read more
Fedele Canosa gives lecture at Isala Theater

Fedele Canosa gives lecture at Isala Theater

How do you design space for people, according to the place with the purpose in mind that will unpredictably change in time? Fedele Canosa, associate architect at Mecanoo, will answer the above question and tell all about the architecture of today ... read more
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