"The building is meant to be a symbol, the centerpiece of a revitalized, no longer neglected Dudley Square that will unlock its potential"

Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building, Boston (MA)

No place like Home. Manchester´s Cornerhouse and Library Theatre have a new place to dwell.

via RIBA Journal - by Phil Griffin

How to transform a road into a spectacular park

At 80 metres wide and 800 metres long, this park contributes to the university’s reputation and provides an attractive meeting point for students and teachers. 

People Place Purpose New monograph Francine Houben/Mecanoo

A total of seventeen projects, all built in mutually different conditions show the world according to Mecanoo. 

Special Commendation for Kaap Skil Museum, European competition of the Luigi Micheletti Foundation

Texel, the Netherlands

Get new insight on the project which is reshaping the city of Delft!

Delft, the Netherlands

“It unites a whole people so they can become something bigger and better... a successful, cohesive society depends on buildings like this”

Tom Dyckhoff, The Culture Show, BBC TWO

Mecanoo to lead New York Public Library renovation

“Libraries are the cathedrals of our time. It is the most important public building in a city” - Francine Houben. 
Photo by Anne Wermiel.

Latest News

Let’s Gro Francine Houben in Groningen

Let’s Gro Francine Houben in Groningen

Francine Houben will be the main guest at the Let’s Gro festival on Friday November 20 in Groningen, the Netherlands. In her lecture, she will reflect on Mecanoo’s work in the Groningen region and how public buildings can play an importan... read more
Mecanoo completes renovation iPabo Amsterdam

Mecanoo completes renovation iPabo Amsterdam

On Friday November 6, the renovated iPabo College in Amsterdam officially opened. Mecanoo designed the comprehensive building overhaul where students are trained to become teachers in primary education. Renovation of the school coincided with iPab... read more
ROC ID College tops out

ROC ID College tops out

The topping out of the ROC ID College in the historic centre of Leiden was celebrated today. The Mecanoo-designed school for vocational training will house three departments that are currently located separately across the town. Integrating the exist... read more
Francine Houben about NYPL on Nieuwsuur

Francine Houben about NYPL on Nieuwsuur

Nieuwsuur, the current affairs programme on Dutch national television visited the New York Public Library with Francine Houben to talk about the new project and Mecanoo’s vision on libraries. The segment aired on 26 October 2015. Walking t... read more
DCPL executive director talks about MLK modernization

DCPL executive director talks about MLK modernization

Richard Reyes-Gavilan, executive director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library appeared at the The Kojo Nnamdi Show to discuss Mecanoo and Martinez+Johnson’s plans to modernize the building. During the radio show, he also answered li... read more
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