12 05 2017 Mecanoo refresh

A fresh look for www.mecanoo.nl

Project updates

September 2014 saw the launch of Mecanoo’s new website. We have continued to develop the platform, adding a lot of projects, news and other content and implementing new features. As of today, the website has a fresh look with updated typography – the wonderful Maison Neue by Milieu Grotesque, more room for images, and splashes of colour. 

With particular attention to harmony, rhythm and flow, the new typeface also accounts for up-to-date display and reproduction technologies to create a distinctly contemporary grotesque with a classic touch. Typography is extremely important, the right combination with engaging and creative fonts will not only aid you in molding your image: it can also express the character of your site or products.

The navigation on the project pages has improved. New pages include an overview of the many awards Mecanoo has won. We have also added information on some of the tools we use in the design process: model making in the model workshop and virtual reality.

This is the new mecanoo.nl