2019 05 23 In memoriam Machteld Schoep photographer 1962 2019

In memoriam Machteld Schoep, photographer, 1962-2019


On May 21, 2019, we said goodbye to Machteld Schoep. Machteld has worked at Mecanoo for sixteen years. During this time, she became a photographer with a great sense of composition and beauty. She photographed Mecanoo's projects in the Netherlands and abroad, preferably in their everyday use, with people.

She portrayed the Mecanoo people for our website. For years, she also made the portraits of Francine which went all over the world. The full-height photos of the Mecanoos are hilarious, with everyone showing their hobby or identity: either with a racing bike, musical instrument, construction helmet, dog or children. And everyone talked about it: how are you dressing up for the photo?

She stood out for her jokes, contagious laughter, cheerful and lively presence.

We miss her.